Finest Handmade Shaving Accessories (by Edwin Jagger)
Genuine Gillette parts

Edwin Jagger Ltd. has been appointed by Procter & Gamble as a "Gillette® Trusted Partner", manufacturing shaving accessories fitted with Gillette® Genuine Parts. Edwin Jagger Mach3® and Fusion® razors are compatible with Gillette® Mach3® and Fusion® razor blade systems available from retailers worldwide. The unique combination of Gillette® Genuine Parts™ and Edwin Jagger design creates an unrivalled shaving experience.

Gillette® Mach3® and Gillette® Fusion® are registered trademarks of Procter & Gamble. Edwin Jagger Ltd is not affiliated with Procter & Gamble.
Finest Handmade Shaving Accessories (by Edwin Jagger)

Internationally renowned for exquisite workmanship, Edwin Jagger manufactures luxury handmade shaving accessories.

From its Sheffield, England factory where finest materials are combined with artisan craftsmanship, exclusively designed Edwin Jagger shaving razor and shaving brushes are exported worldwide. Our specialist sales partners offer the highest quality products and services. Discover and learn more about the Edwin Jagger brand here.

Edwin Jagger, established in 1988, designs and manufactures a range of classic and contemporary high-quality wet shaving accessories. Expert design, carefully selected materials and industry leading manufacturing processes, combined with hand finishing, result in product perfection. Our extensive range of shaving razors incorporating the latest razor blade systems, finest synthetic fibre shaving brushes, shaving sets, shaving creams and soaps meets the grooming needs of gentlemen today.

Shaving Razors

Edwin Jagger is regarded as the foremost manufacturer of exquisitely designed system blade shaving razors and shaving sets. Choosing only the finest materials and combining cutting edge manufacturing processes with age old skills of the craftsman we produce an unrivalled collection of traditional and contemporary styled razors, shaving brushes and shaving sets. Using the latest Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide®, Gillette® Mach3® and traditional safety or double edge razor blade systems, we create products that satisfy the desires of all discerning wet shavers.

Shaving Brushes

For more than two centuries, natural animal hair has been used in the industry to make the best shaving brushes. But now Edwin Jagger has changed that. At the forefront of the industry, we continually update our research and development of high-performance shaving accessories and now use a range of new, advanced synthetic fibres for the production of shaving brushes. With improved lathering qualities and an ability to further enhance the traditional wet shave experience, our synthetic fibre shaving brushes exceed all aspects of this traditional, classic product.

First among the benefits of Edwin Jagger synthetic fibre filled shaving brushes is the fact that strands are incredibly strong and durable. This allows the head of the shaving brush to retain a firmer, more defined shape. This inherent strength in our synthetic fibres has also overcome the risk of snapping or shedding, an ownership concern which can affect the performance of some traditional brushes if they are not cared for correctly.

A second significant advantage is the fact that, despite their strength and durability, synthetic fibres provide a soft and gentle performance. This softness allows our Edwin Jagger shaving brushes to provide a more luxurious lathering experience and makes them especially ideal for those with a sensitive skin.

The main reason for the bundle's flexibility is the use of synthetic fibres with varying thicknesses. The thinner fibres give the shaving brush bundle an easy flexibility, which creates a soft and stimulating lathering experience. The thicker fibres are a little stiffer, helping to lift the beard in preparation for the shave. These fibres with reduced flex ensure the bundle returns to its original bloomed shape after the lathering process; helping the brush to dry quickly.

The Edwin Jagger 2022 product catalogue features two different styles of synthetic fibre fill bundles; black synthetic fibre and synthetic silver tip fibre. Black synthetic fibre fillings are machine made, with machine blended fibres of different diameters and colours, then machine tied and glued. Each fill consists of two different diameters of straight and crimped fibres. The single fibres are dyed black, but several strands of synthetic silver tip fibres are added as part of the blending process to each bundle to create a unique natural and aesthetically pleasing look. This combination of blended synthetic black fibres is the more cost-effective of the fibre fill options we offer. Synthetic silver tip fibre fill bundles, however, are handmade, hand blended, and hand tied. This allows them to be made from three different diameter fibres (a blend of 0.18mm, 0.15mm, and 0.10mm) as well as allowing a greater number of waved and crimped fibres to be added to each bundle. This advanced blend ensures the maximum retention of trapped hot water to produce a richer, more luxurious shaving lather. Synthetic silver tip fibre bundles consist of individually dyed fibres with unique flex points and an aesthetically pleasing colouring, making the Edwin Jagger shaving brush the superior option.

Shaving Creams and Soaps

For customers who have enjoyed using our razors, brushes and shaving creams for many years, we are delighted to introduce our wonderful new range of traditional ingredient shaving creams, shaving soaps and aftershave lotions. Demand for finest quality products with genuine classic ingredients motivated us to search for something really special. Our unrivalled experience of manufacturing specialist wet-shaving products gave us true insight into what is required of the finest shaving creams, soaps and lotions. The result is a carefully formulated range which adds a new dimension to the international Edwin Jagger brand. Desire fuels the demand, inspires the creativity and the Edwin Jagger shaving collection is the luxurious outcome.

Shaving Soap

At Edwin Jagger we understand and share the environmental and health concerns of our customers and place great emphasis on selecting the very best natural ingredients for our range of traditional hard shaving soap, premium shaving creams and aftershave lotions. It is of paramount importance to us that we offer our customers shaving products that are both safe and effective for the skin and at the same time environmentally friendly. Our products comprise 99% natural components, many derived from organically cultivated plants, replacing synthetic substances and mineral oils. All Edwin Jagger products are paraben and paraffin free. Wherever possible the natural ingredients are obtained using energy efficient means. For example, our supreme quality Indonesian Sandalwood oil, like many essential oils, is extracted using a water steam distillation process while the natural gel used for the Aloe Vera products is squeezed from the plant using a press. The luxurious lathering properties of our creams, soaps and lotions are enhanced by subtle natural extracts of Aloe Vera, Sandalwood, Limes and Pomegranate for a wonderfully smooth shaving experience.

Shaving Cream

Subtly fragranced rich, concentrated Edwin Jagger shaving cream is specially formulated using a unique combination of organic ingredients, enhanced by plant extracts, to create a luxurious lather for a smooth and comfortable shave. When used with hot water and ideally, but not necessarily, a good quality shaving brush, even a small amount will produce a thick creamy lather. The combination of brush, hot water and natural ingredients will soften and lift the beard in preparation for the razor blade. Edwin Jagger Premium shaving creams are available in tubs or tubes; traditional hard shaving soaps come in individually packaged refills; after shave lotions are presented in airless pump action dispensers. All our products are boxed in distinctive Edwin Jagger packaging. The card used for the elegant Edwin Jagger presentation boxes has been chosen for its high recycled material content (80%), with the remainder (20%) from sustainable sources.

Aftershave Lotion

The moisturising and subtly fragranced Edwin Jagger aftershave lotions complement our shaving creams and shaving soaps. Using natural ingredients these non-greasy facial balms soothe, nourish and revitalise shaven skin leaving the face feeling smooth and comfortable. Use Edwin Jagger lotion after shaving to nourish, moisturise and revitalise the skin. Essential protection against the elements.

Offer Wet Shaving

Wet shaving is the fastest growing service in the men's grooming industry. If you have a barbershop or salon and want to offer the Edwin Jagger Shave, contact us for more details on how we can help you with training, tools and products.