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New Synthetic Fill Shaving Brushes

30th April, 2020

30th April, 2020

The world of wet shaving is being transformed by significant advances in the design and performance of synthetic fibres which are emulating, and even surpassing, the benefits of the classic traditional English shaving brush.

The continuing advancement of this technology has allowed Edwin Jagger to improve even further the performance of its range of unique black and silver tip synthetic fibre shaving brushes.

The Sheffield company can now announce that it is one of the first manufacturers to complete its research and development of advanced performance shaving accessories and source and utilise a range of new, transformational synthetic fibres for the production of shaving brushes. With improved lathering qualities and an ability to further enhance the traditional wet shave experience, each Edwin Jagger synthetic fibre filled shaving brush perfectly emulates the performance of the traditional, classic, natural shaving brush.

Synthetic fibres have several clear advantages, including the fact that they are vegan friendly and contain materials that are sourced entirely without cruelty. These are factors that now influence many people when selecting traditional wet shaving products. Edwin Jagger has launched a new product catalogue for 2020 that shines a spotlight on our line of new design, unique synthetic fibre filled shaving brushes. Our entire shaving brush range is now offered with alternative synthetic fibre options, and our popular shaving sets now include synthetic fibre brushes as standard.

Extensive research and testing have shown that Edwin Jagger synthetic brushes offer a wet shave experience entirely comparable with, and in many cases superior to, the use of traditionally made shaving brushes. As noted above, these benefits are achieved without cruelty to animals.

First among the benefits of synthetic fibre is the fact that it is incredibly strong and durable. This allows the head of the shaving brush to retain a firmer, more defined shape when compared to traditional options. The robust performance of synthetic fibre enhances lathering and allows the head of the shaving brush to spring straight back to its original shape. This preserves the attractive bloom design, even if excessive pressure has inadvertently been used when lathering. This inherent strength in our synthetic fibres has also overcome the risk of snapping or shedding, which can reduce the performance and life expectancy of traditional shaving brushes if they are not cared for correctly.

A second major advantage is the fact that, despite their strength and durability, synthetic fibres actually provide the softest fill possible. This softness allows our synthetic brushes to provide an appreciably more luxurious lathering experience and makes them especially ideal for those with a sensitive skin.

Each Edwin Jagger synthetic fibre filled shaving brush features a blend of straight and crimped fibres that vary in thickness and length. This unique blended fibre filling is produced to a very precise specification and gives a natural shape to the head without the need for trimming or mechanical shaping. The structure of the fibre fill gives the brush a greater ability to trap and retain hot water, with the aid of the interlocked crimped features of each single fibre, whilst maintaining its important bloomed shape and its essential flexibility.

The main reason for the flexibility of the fibre filling is the use of synthetic fibres with varying thicknesses. The thinner fibres give the shaving brush an easy flexibility, which creates a soft, stimulating and luxurious lathering experience. The thicker fibres are a little stiffer and ensure that the synthetic fibres return to their original bloomed shape after the lathering process; this helps the brush to dry quickly.

The quick-drying properties of synthetic fibre filled shaving brushes make them the ideal choice for regular travellers. Synthetic fibre shaving brushes will dry much faster than their traditional counterparts. This reduces the risk of long-term damage caused by enclosing a damp or wet shaving brush. Synthetic fibres are non-absorbent and therefore much easier to clean with hot water, after which they will dry quickly. Regular washing in clean hot water prevents odours which can develop from slow drying or damp enclosed shaving brushes and trapped residue shaving cream or shaving soap.

Shaving brush maintenance has never been easier, which improves the performance and longevity of an Edwin Jagger product.

The Edwin Jagger 2020 product catalogue features two different styles of synthetic fibre fill: black synthetic fibre and synthetic silver tip fibre. Black synthetic fibre fillings are machine made, with machine blended fibres of different diameters and colours, then machine tied and glued. Each fibre filling consists of two different diameters of straight and crimped fibres. The single fibres are dyed black, but several strands of synthetic silver tip fibres are added as part of the blending process to each fibre fill to create a natural and aesthetically pleasing look that resembles the colour of this traditional, classic product. The combination of blended synthetic black fibres is the more cost-effective option offered by Edwin Jagger.

Synthetic silver tip fibre fillings, however, are handmade, hand blended, and hand tied. This allows them to be made from three different diameter fibres (a blend of 0.18mm, 0.15mm, and 0.10mm) as well as allowing a greater number of waved and crimped fibres to be added to each fill. This blend ensures the maximum retention of trapped hot water to produce a rich and luxurious shaving lather. Synthetic silver tip fibre fillings consist of individually dyed fibres with an aesthetically pleasing colouring that creates the appearance of the finest traditional product, making this Edwin Jagger shaving brush the superior option.

Importantly, from an overall general perspective, our synthetic fibres are very cost effective when compared with the equivalent classic alternative. This reinforces the efforts of Edwin Jagger to deliver market-leading products to its customers at the most competitive prices.

The demand for synthetic fibre filled shaving brushes continues to grow as consumers consider the ethical and environmental impact of what they buy. Edwin Jagger synthetic shaving brushes, filled with the latest technology synthetic fibres, are an excellent alternative to the time-honoured, classic brushes that are no longer the preferred choice of many wet shaving consumers worldwide.

Edwin Jagger continues to research advanced technology materials to enhance the manufacture of fine wet shaving products that best suit the ever-evolving needs of the consumer. The revolutionary assembly of each synthetic fibre filling, paired with exclusive design shaving brush handles manufactured by skilled Edwin Jagger craftsmen, creates a range of new synthetic fibre filled shaving brushes with design features and versatility that suit the modern demands of discerning wet shaving customers worldwide.

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