2:00 mins Run a basin of hot water to prepare.

1:50 mins Take a steaming flannel with perhaps a dash of your favourite cologne, fold it in half and hold it to your face for about 15 seconds (if the flannel is too hot for comfort open it for a few seconds)

1:45 mins Immerse your Edwin Jagger synthetic fibre fill shaving brush in the hot water.

1:30 mins Shake off excess water and dip the tip of your shaving brush into a favourite Edwin Jagger shaving cream and whip up a rich, creamy lather in your palm or shaving bowl. The shaving cream is very concentrated so only use a little for each shave.

1:25 mins Using a circular motion lather your face, building up a rich layer of soft warm cleansing foam.

1:05 mins Dip your razor in the hot water and, starting by the sideburns, shave with the growth of your beard. Down on the cheek area, sideways near the top and bottom lip and in the direction of the growth under the chin. With a wet soapy hand feel around the face for any missed hairs and remove with the razor.

0:30 secs Nearly finished!

0:25 secs Rinse your face with cooler clean water and gently pat dry with a soft towel.

0:10 secs Apply a small amount of non-greasy moisturiser or skin food to your face massaging gently into the newly shaven and exfoliated skin. Use a little aftershave lotion or fragrance if desired but be careful not to apply it to the newly shaven areas; behind the ears or further down the neck for example.

Finished. You look, feel and smell great. Have an excellent day!

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